Interfaith Marriages by Rabbi Steve Mason

Thoughts When Contemplating an Interfaith Marriage

For the ten years since 2000, 45% of all weddings in the U.S. were took place between people of different religion, caste or faiths. This number has created a lot of hope among many religious communities. However, there was a time when these religious communities were against interfaith weddings. This growth of mixed faith families has not only become a source of hope but it also encourages openness and tolerance among religious bodies.

Communication within an Interfaith Wedding

In interfaith wedding planning, I make sure the couple gets the taste of both religions as the two partners look at the traditions brought forth from the two different religious. It helps to build the trust and faith on the different religion more profoundly. I've chatted with many mixed married couples and sadly many of them expressed that they entered into their marriage without considering the spiritual, doctrinal and societal issues which divides them. I find it to be much better to work through these concerns before getting married as the issues won't go away on their own. And ignoring them is not the solution. Failing to answer many of these questions in advance, such as what kind of religious practice should their children follow, leads to discord and strife instead of enlightenment and learning how to resolve large issues.

If you are in Connecticut and are considering entering into a blessed interfaith marriage, I would be honored to counsel you during your preparation and even officiate your wedding when the special day comes. Contact me, Rabbi Steve Mason so I can start you down the path to your own wonderful life together.
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