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Legal Gay & Lesbian Marriages In CT

Since November 12, 2008 same sex weddings have been made legal in Connecticut. The same has been the question of debate worldwide but with the ruling of the CT Supreme Court, it is now possible in the state. However there may be certain rules and proceedings that I want you to be aware of that need to be followed in order to make it happen. Much of this also applies to heterosexual weddings in CT.

The Legal Process to Follow for Gay Marriages

Just like in a "conventional" marriage, both persons in a gay or lesbian relationship wanting to get married has first got to make a trip to the Town Hall and fill out the application form. Alternatively, the form can be downloaded from the internet and filled out. Once the form has been submitted by you, the marriage license will be issued which will allow the ceremony to take place. The marriage license is typically taken out in the same city Town Hall where the gay (or straight) marriage will take place. After the successful completion of the ceremony, I (or if someone else, the person officiating the ceremony) should return the marriage license to the Town Hall. The Town Clerk's office will then register the marriage and the wedded couple can receive an official certificate of marriage.

What you need to carry to the Town Clerk's office

When heading to the Town Clerk's office, the documents that the gay couple needs to carry are firstly some form of identification like the driver's license or proof of residence or passport or birth certificate. The marriage license application either needs to be filled in then and there or you can use the one which you had downloaded from the internet and was duly filled in. Along with that, you need to deposit $30 as the marriage license fee. You need not be a resident of Connecticut to use the facility but the Town Hall awarding you with the license should be the place where either you or your partner lives. It may not be required for both the partners to visit the Hall together so you can go there individually.

There is no waiting period for such licenses and invariably you can get the license the same day your wedding is scheduled. But if you are planning the wedding later you will have a window of about 65 days after the registration to have the wedding. In cases where you have had previous weddings, then you may need to show your divorce decree or if your earlier spouse is no longer living, you need to furnish them with the date, country and the state of his or her death.

If you have other questions about gay and lesbian marriages in CT, contact me, Rabbi Steve Mason at (860) 659-2698 or through my confidential "Contact Info" page, and I'll be glad to help.

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