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Benefits of Same Sex Marriage - The New Laws


In recent times, all over the world there has been a revolution regarding the laws related to same sex marriage. After many years of demonstration and protest, the gay or lesbian community has been able to earn its due rights in many countries. Further protests are being carried out in the countries which are still stuck with the age old views and theories. In most of the constitutions around the world, the institution of marriage was referred as a "union between a man and a woman". This rule made gay or lesbian marriages unlawful. The people in the community who got married were taken to task by the police and judicial system. Fortunately, in 2008 same sex weddings were declared legal in Connecticut and I've proudly presided over many since then.

Benefits of Same Sex Marriage

In the United States for instance the federal laws related to marriage are being altered to accommodate the rights of the gay and lesbian community. A same sex couple wedding that takes place will be recognized by the law. The court of law will be issuing a marriage license for the couple which they can use for different purposes. The couple will henceforth enjoy social security benefits after their marriage. Before the amendment of the rules, the same sex couples would not have been eligible for these benefits. The spousal survivor benefits ensure that the surviving spouse receive the retirement benefits of his or her partner. A same sex couple wedding will also ensure that the couples receive spousal retirement benefits. These benefits are of great financial help to the couple who are not that well off. The death benefits take care of the funeral arrangements of the deceased partner. These financial benefits have really been accepted with open arms by the lesbian and gay community. A lot of tax benefits are also being given to the same sex couples. They are able to file joint returns for income tax. They can divide their income among the other family members in order to get added tax benefits. The couples of same sex marriages finally enjoy a host of other financial benefits like estate benefits, military benefits, benefits of federal employment, immigration benefits and much more.

After the couple's wedding, the marriage license is the proof of the marriage. The marriage license will be required for getting the above mentioned financial benefits. Fortunately the society at large has also started to accept these marriages respecting the choices of the people of gay and lesbian community.   

If you have other questions about same sex marriages in CT, contact me, Rabbi Steve Mason, and I'll be glad to answer your questions.


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